Our Financial Planning Services


Jill and Sana generally work with clients on a Full Retainer basis (described below).   All new clients start with the Financial Tune-Up. After completing the Tune-Up, we are happy to discuss additional options with you.  If a Full Retainer is appropriate, your Tune-Up fee will be credited against the fee for the Full Retainer.  

Financial Tune-Up
The Financial Tune-up is a one-time, two-and-a-half hour financial planning session.  This is the entry point for new clients.  The Tune-Up is not designed to be a comprehensive plan but can serve as a second opinion, financial check-up or a way to obtain advice on a limited set of issues such as retirement planning or investment diversification.  


  • Specific written recommendations and analysis (generated at meeting)
  • Telephone/e-mail assistance for 30 days after meeting
  • Client letters for 2 years after meeting
 To view our Tune-up contract please click here: Financial Tune-Up Agreement 
 Cost:    $900 (payable at time of Tune-Up).

(A special rate of $650 is available for clients under the age of 35 with a net worth of less than $100,000)

To get started:

  • Call our office to set up an appointment for the Financial Tune-Up
  • Two weeks before your appointment, please fax, mail or drop off a completed questionnaire and the items listed on the last page of questionnaire


Full Retainer
In addition to development of a comprehensive financial plan, the full retainer includes personal tax preparation plus ongoing implementation and assistance. It's like having a personal trainer help you achieve your financial goals.



Financial Planning

We help you set attainable goals for the near term and for the future to build your upside and protect your downside. We review your goals for financial independence, cash flow management and college planning and set out a strategy to achieve those goals and help you stay on track.   


Investments Analysis

Are your present investments appropriate for your risk tolerance, your tax bracket and your long-term goals? We provide an objective, informed analysis.


Asset Allocation Strategy

We can show you how to balance your investments to hedge against extreme economic cycles. Diversification appropriate to your investment horizon can enable you to reduce portfolio risk while substantially enhancing your return on investments.


No-Load Implementation

We analyze no-load funds and make specific recommendations appropriate to your particular situation. We also help you implement our recommendations.


Insurance Review

We will review your insurance needs, current coverage and deductibles, as well as examine policies before you purchase them. 


Estate Planning

We can help you think through how you want your loved ones taken care of and your assets divided, with emphasis on reducing estate taxes and probate costs.


Tax Planning and Preparation

We prepare your personal income taxes and provide you with professional advice year-round.   In our experience, our tax planning advice often saves clients money on their tax returns.


Record Keeping System 
We provide you with a system for organizing, filing, retrieving and archiving your personal records. 


Additional Benefits
All meetings and telephone/e-mail communications are included at no extra charge.

Cost:     We calculate our fee based on your investments, income, and the complexity of your situation.  At the end of the Financial Tune-Up meeting, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about our Full Retainer services as well as provide you with a quote based on your financial situation.  

To get started:

  • All clients start with a Financial Tune-Up, so the first step is to call our office to set up an appointment for your Tune-Up.
  • At least two weeks before your appointment, please fax, mail or drop off the completed questionnaire and the items listed on the last page of the questionnaire.


Our Fee-Only Commitment

We provide comprehensive financial and investment planning for a fee

 and receive no commissions from the purchase or sale of products.






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